A kiss or a lick can reveal bioactive compounds via numbing and other sensations. Learn more.

Only 3% of Madagascar's rainforest remains due to logging, mining, and other threats. Help!

Over 95% of the >300 frogs species in Madagascar occur only there. Learn more!

The Frog Caller, Valerie C. Clark, in Ranomafana, SE Madagascar. Read her Biography.

Tropical poison frogs obtain defensive chemicals from their toxic diet. See publications.

Uroplatus geckos blend in with tails that mimic dead leaves. Learn more on Blog WILD!

Earth's 4th largest island has >3200 miles of coastline to visit. Diego bay, North Madagascar.

Chameleons have zygodactylus feet to grip branches. See more chameleons!

Sun setting in Nosy Be, NW Madagascar. Intelligent Travel Blog (coming soon)

Frog calls can be used to tell apart similar looking species.

Lemurs are endemic to, or occur only in, Madagascar. .

Rice is cultivated in Madagascar to feed over 20 million people who live there.

Radiated tortoises from Madagascar are endangered due to habitat loss and the pet trade.

Poison newts contain tetrodotoxin in skin, the same toxin in fugu puffer fish. (Napa Valley, California 2009).

This sticky Ensatina salamander mimics the toxic poison newt in California.

California salamander licking at its best-- Watch Nat Geo AMAZING video!

Barking treefrog, found buried among the roots of this orchid in south Florida.

This spadefoot toad was found in the Sonoran Desert (Arizona USA) after monsoon rains.

The Colorado River toad is known for its psychedelic skin secretions. Learn more! (coming soon)

Bullfrogs in a backyard water lily pond in Maryland, USA.

A single bullfrog can lay over 200,000 eggs in its lifetime.

Val began exploration in her backyard, catching frogs and snakes. Get started!

Many neotropical poison frogs occur naturally in a variety of color morphs.

A true poison dart frog in the WILD contains enough toxin to kill 10 people. NatGeo article.

Over 80% of rainforests in Guyana, South America still remain.

Brightly colored frogs are often toxic. QUICK lick taste tests are USUALLY safe.

Val+team hiked up this tepui to find new frog species. See Guyana expedition on Blog WILD!

Sir David Attenborough inspires Nature appreciation via documentaries. Val aspires to do the same.

Oreophyrnella toads have grasping feet to climb trees in Guyana, South America. Learn more!
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